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Guangzhou Hanfong Power Inverter Supplier Company

Company History

Guangzhou Hanfong New energy technology Co., Ltd. is a professional High-Tech modern enterprise,specialized in developing and producing series photovoltaic system. solar panel, fast charger, UPS battery, solar controller, power inverter is our main product. Hanfong new energy technology is subsidiary of Guangzhou Gamatong electric co., ltd. Gamatong had decades of history in Communication and electric power industry. It is a professional High-Tech modern enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing and sales founded in 1996. our service and product distribute around the nation,and we always adhere to the idea "sincere teamwork and precision quality" for decades.more...



Respect: to gain trust by giving respect and treat people the way you want to be treated.


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power inverter for cars

Power Inverter Manufacturers Advantage

Have cooperation with a lot of importers in European for more than 10 years.

Experienced in doing business with big customers.

Quick delivery time for decent orders

Own designing team for new products development

10 series inverter can be provided.

Dc to Ac Inverter Manufacturers Strength

  • Dc to Ac Inverter Manufacturers
  • DC to AC inverter supplier
  • Hanfong DC to AC Inverter


  • Why 300W inverter comes with two power cords?
  • Company produced 300W inverter power cord supplied with two kinds of cigar head there is a line in the car with the use of small power electrical (power less than 150W) when used it; the other is red and black wire clip in the car When using electrical appliances used outside, please pay attention to electrical power is less than 240W, if greater than 240W, please use high-power inverter.

  • Why just bought a 150W inverter can not start the laptop?
  • ① cigar in contact with the car cigarette lighter insecure;

    ② car keys did not hit open position;

    ③ The notebook computer power is greater than the required start-starting power inverter.

  • Why inverter with appliances, the fan does not work?
  • When electrical power inverter rated power less than 1/3 of the fan is not working is normal.


Honor of the company

Certificates: Over the past 20 years, we have earned many honors.


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Respect: to gain trust by giving respect and treat people the way you want to be treated.